Beach Day July 2015

 Mrs Ellery gave the School Council £125 to spend in anyway they chose for one day in


At a school council meeting, it was decided that it would be fair if each class voted on

how to spend the money. Following this, classes democratically voted on 2 or three themes and ideas. This was discussed at the next school council meeting and a theme was chosen- a beach day.

Classes each chose favourite activities and it took quite some planning to coordinate and organise. The school councillors, assisted by Mrs North, did a wonderful job of organising the day! Not surprisingly all of the money was spent!


We had a bouncy castle, sand pits, beach games, baking and all dressed in beach gear.

We all were given a big surprise by Mrs Ellery when the ice cream van arrived at school! Everyone cooled down with a cone or an ice lolly. It was the best day ever according to many children!


The most wonderful aspect of the day for teachers, was that children's behaviour was superb and the older children were so helpful. It was a perfect end to a brilliant year!