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Spring – a time for new life!

Welcome back to Term 4!  We look forward to another wonderful term ahead and can’t wait to start our new topic, the Stone Age to the Iron Age. As we start Lent, we will consider the attitudes and behaviours that we will “fast” from and instead, think about how we will “feast on” new attitudes and behaviours in order to have new life and a new beginning for ourselves.  We will make our Lenten promises and join in solidarity, as a class, to work together to raise funds to support our chosen charity – Talitha Kum. Our Lenten challenge is a sponsored games event - look out for the sponsorship forms coming home soon and please give generously! Thank you. 

Hedgehogs hold palm crosses, as we anticipate Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week.

This week, Hedgehogs have thought about how they can grow during Lent, as this is a time for new beginnings and new life.  We are ready to begin our sponsored games event!

Hedgehogs enjoyed entering the Easter-themed art competition and put forward a mixture of reflective and light-hearted drawings. 

Hedgehogs enjoyed learning some new games (Ladders, Oranges and Lemons, Pizza- Pizza and Hot Dog!)  and playing some old favourites (The Parachute, Captains Coming, Noughts and Crosses, Bingo and having a snowball fight!). In total, we played thirteen games over the day. We had a fabulous day and thank you for sponsoring the children and raising money for Talitha Kum.

Hedgehogs have worked with great enthusiasm on their Stone Age projects and have been busy creating models, sketching, painting, dyeing materials - the results are fabulous!

Hedgehogs have enjoyed studying animal's nutrition and diet and learned about types of teeth and  their function.

Hedgehogs Class Lenten Fundraising Letter:      

Talitha Kum End Human Trafficking Sponsored Games Event.

  During Lent, Hedgehogs are working in solidarity to support Talitha Kum, established in 2009 as an international initiative against human trafficking and exploitation. Talitha Kum is organized by Catholic sisters, in 60 local networks across nearly 90 countries, actively supporting victims, survivors and people at risk.

  What is human trafficking? ​Trafficking is when people of all ages, including children and young people, are tricked, forced or persuaded to leave their homes and are moved or transported (to other countries) and then exploited, forced to work or sold. They are forced to work as slaves and lose their dignity and freedom. It adds to global poverty. It is the second most profitable worldwide criminal enterprise. ​ It is a horrendous crime. ​ It happens here in the UK. ​

  Children are trafficked for: 

  • benefit fraud​
  • forced marriage​
  • domestic slavery like cleaning, cooking and childcare​
  • forced labour in factories or agriculture​
  • committing crimes, like begging, theft, working on cannabis farms or moving drugs. ​ 

   The Catholic sisters’ work with victims and survivors of human trafficking and believe that the dignity of the oppressed and exploited can be restored.  In a relationship between equals, Sisters walk together with victims (marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit) along the path of healing, as they regain a deep awareness of their inner value as individuals and members of their families and communities.

   “Talitha Kum. Little girl, I say to you, rise up.”1 Jesus addressed these words to Jairus’ daughter, a 12-year-old girl who lay apparently dead. When Jesus took her hand, she immediately stood up and began to walk.

   These words invite Talitha Kum’s networks to rise up with courage and hope, and stand with victims and survivors of trafficking in persons, whose hands reach out to us, to promote a just world in which every human being can live in dignity and fullness of life. Faith and spirituality make tangible the presence of God to transform the most hopeless situations, and raise to life what appears to be dead.

   Find out more about the charity Talitha Kum at:

   St. Josephine Bakhita is one of the dearly loved house saints of St. Amand’s school and the patron saint of human trafficking.  Saint Josephine Bakhita was born in Sudan, kidnapped and sold into slavery as a child. Once freed, Saint Josephine became a Canossian Sister who dedicated her life to testifying to her faith in God and comforting the poor and suffering. 

   On February 8th, the children thought about her life and prayed to her, alongside Talitha Kum, celebrating the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking. It was an occasion to join in prayer, reflection and awareness regarding the evil of human trafficking, and the power of joint action for the care, healing, empowerment and restoration of victims, survivors and individuals at risk.

   Please help us to raise as much money as possible for our chosen Lent charity, Talitha Kum.  We will be raising money by having a sponsored games event.

 We want to help the victims and end the cycle of human trafficking.

 Thank you for your support!



Hedgehogs have created Banners of Discipleship for Lent. We remind ourselves of the qualities and characteristics that good disciples need and how to put discipleship into action at home, school and in the wider world.

Hedgehogs went on a Spring walk around the school looking for signs of new life, and making the link with Lent that this time is one of growth, new beginnings and change.

Hedgehogs visited Champs Chapel Museum at the end of Term 3. We investigated the history of East Hendred, the family links with the Eyston family and looked at and handled some interesting artefacts. We concluded with a short walk to Snells Hall to look at the Old Fire Engine. It was a very interesting and rewarding day, made possible by the support of the Museum volunteers.  Thank you very much!

"We look after His world and everything in it!"

Hedgehogs enjoyed Eco-Day in Term 3!  It was a wonderful morning, spent thinking about how to put our Catholic Social Teaching principles of Stewardship into practice. 

 Hedgehogs Updated Class Information (December, 2022)

Dear Parents,

Hedgehogs have had an enjoyable and happy start to the year and have made fantastic progress in their learning. The photographs below, show their enthusiasm and focus as they participated in a range of diverse activities. We have updated the Term 1 letter; please read carefully, to note that some of the arrangements for spelling and homework have changed.



 Please encourage your child to read at home at least 3 times per week and note your signature in their Reading Journals (Year 3) or Homework Diaries (Year 4) to show that you have heard them read. These records should be kept in their book bags, so that the staff can monitor reading, add comments during the week or read comments from home. Home reading books will be changed by the children on completion and a mini-review / rating by them in their Reading Journal would be ideal before returning the book. Children will also continue to read with a teacher during Guided Reading Sessions and they will be able to choose a book from the class library once a week.

 The Reading Challenge is as follows:

30 reads = a bookmark

80 reads = bronze certificate

130 reads = silver certificate

180 reads = gold certificate

250 reads = a book of your choice up to the value of £5

320 reads = emerald certificate

400 reads = ruby certificate

500 reads = platinum certificate & another book


A spelling overview for each Term will be inserted into homework books and the children will be tested on their weekly spellings on Thursday. The spellings are given out at the start of each term and over the course of each week, we will teach the spellings and the children will do various activities to help them learn their words.


Homework will be sent out on Thursday, to be handed in at the latest by the following Wednesday. Please refer to our topic web on the school website for more details about the subjects covered this term.

  The children are encouraged to learn their times tables and they will complete a ‘Times Table Challenge’ each Wednesday, in school.  Please continue to help your child to learn their multiplication and division facts at home and to log onto Times Table Rock Stars during the week. If the children did two/ three rounds of TTRS per week, it would help them to build up their knowledge by rote and speed. Each child will be given an individual username and password so they will be able to access the game from home. The children will also be given ID and passwords for Mathletics and Gooseberry Planet in their Homework Books.  Homework will be set for them each week to log into one or more of the programmes.

 PE Kit and related items

  PE will take place on Tuesday (Games lesson) which we hope will be outdoors and on Thursday (Gym / Dance lesson). The children will continue to come into school wearing their PE kits for these days which consists of trainers, navy blue shorts, a white t-shirt and a tracksuit if the weather is cold. It would be advisable to bring in a spare set of PE clothes, in case their kit becomes wet and muddy.

Please remove your child’s earrings on PE days, or put tape over them. If your child can remove their own earrings, please provide a small envelope for them to put their earrings into, to keep them safe. Staff are unable to remove earrings or put them in. All long hair should be tied back each day.

  We would like the children to bring a pair of wellies or outdoor trainers into school, so that they will be able to go outside, on the field, whatever the weather and conditions. As the weather conditions turn wetter and colder, please ensure your child has a warm waterproof coat in school also. A named water bottle is essential and a regular drink of water can help improve your child’s concentration during the day.

Finally, if you do have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s learning, please email the school office and we will be informed.  We look forward to teaching your children and helping them to do their best each day!

Yours sincerely

 Mrs Anna Loughlin

Mrs Rachel Tennant






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Hedgehogs celebrated the Christmas festivities with a Christmas party, Christmas lunch, Christmas snowball fight, a visit to Santa's Grotto as well as making beautiful Christmas cards based on the Crib Scene of the Holy Family.

The Jesse is a way of preparing through Advent, by journeying through the stories of Jesus's family-tree.  Each day in Advent, Hedgehogs read a bible story about someone in Jesus's family tree and hung a related ornament on the Jesse Tree.  As we decorated the tree, we saw how God prepared for Jesus to be born through many generations.

During Advent, Hedgehogs collected food items that we could take to the Food Bank. We thought carefully about choosing appropriate food items and it was fun watching our box of food grow. We wanted to help others over Christmas. 

Hedgehogs have started their Advent topic. We thought about the origins of Mary and looked at some inspirational artwork of her.

In RE, we have acted out how to be Stewards of Creation by showing that we value our environment and each other.

A couple of students in Hedgehogs are part of the Oracy team for The Building of the Kingdom Project. They had to speak on a topic of their choice in front of children from other schools.

The Hedgehogs members of the school parliament also spoke in front of the class about how St. Amand's can become even more eco-friendly.

Hedgehogs enjoyed studying OS maps of our local area.

Hedgehogs had a fabulous trip to The Living Rainforest.

We have enjoyed creating a Rainforest Dance.

Hedgehogs pressed apples at Harvest time and made delicious apple juice.

We took photographs of each other, trying to capture a side of our personality and also showing an activity that we are interested in!