Chapter 13 for you all. If you want to keep on reading 'The Ickabog' at home then follow this link

Check back later in the week to hear the next chapters of 'The Ickabog.' Until then, have a wonderful and creative week! 

 Bansky Information.pptDownload
 Origami instructions.docxDownload
 Roman Mosaics Presentation.pptxDownload
 Mosaic Colouring Sheets.pdfDownload
 Warm up for drawing.pdfDownload
 How to draw.pdfDownload
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Rabbits Science Week 29th June-3rd July

 Bug Hotel Ideas.docxDownload
 Fireworks in a Glass.pdfDownload
 Freezing and Melting Recording Tables.docxDownload
 Make a Rainbow.docxDownload
 Slippery Slime.pdfDownload
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If you are missing your maths, click on the link below for a multiplication and division workbook. You could try to complete 1-2 pages a day alongside your science activities. 



Hello everyone,

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. The sun has been trying to come out again and I think we are due another very warm week. Try to get outside as much as possible.

This week your home learning is mostly going to be planning and carrying out your very own Sports Day! Hopefully this will be lots of fun for you and your families.

I have uploaded spellings to learn this week, but no new spelling work. The final weeks of term are a chance for you to check back over your spellings from this year and make sure you are secure with all the spelling patterns and rules we have learnt. Don't forget, you should also be able to read and spell the words from the common exception word list (you had a copy of this sent home in your folder.)

I have set you some writing to do this week (see Wednesday on the grid below as well as the powerpoint I have uploaded) and there are a couple of new chapters of our story for you to listen to as well. Mrs Ellery also sent home a writing task in her newsletter on Friday, so try to have a go at this too if you have time. 

Remember, the 'Our Garden' topic grid is still there to keep you busy in the afternoons.

Zoom this week will be on Friday at 11am for children who are at home. 

I'd love to know how you are getting on and how your Sports Day goes this week at home! 

Miss Price 

 22.6.20 - Spellings.docxDownload
 Home Sports Day Events.docxDownload
 Planning grid for story.docxDownload
 Writing your own story powerpoint.odpDownload
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Chapters 11 & 12...

Have a look at what Rabbits children have been doing at home recently...


Hello Rabbits,

How are you? I hope you have been enjoying the topic work all about 'Our Garden' as well as your English and Maths activities. I'm loving reading 'The Ickabog' and can't wait to find out what happens next!

It was great to see so many of you on the last zoom call. School is very quiet without you all here, I'm missing you very much. I'm really pleased that we can all stay together for another year - this time as year 3 Badgers! On that note, remember to create you badger fact file and artwork ready to show us all on Friday (the zoom session will be at 2pm.)

Have a great week and get in touch if you need anything, or want to show me any of your work. 

Miss Price 

Maths resources can be found below. This week we are revising money:

 Maths Activities Grid - Money.docxDownload
 Money matching cards.pdfDownload
 Money problems.pdfDownload
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Spelling resources - remember to check which group you are in and only select the resources needed for your group: 

 15.6.20 - Spellings.docxDownload
 First 10 months spellings powerpoint.pptDownload
 oy word flashcards.pdfDownload
 Roll and read ir game.pdfDownload
 Spelling Muddle!.pdfDownload
 wr at the start of words powerpoint.pptDownload
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Here is the English PowerPoint for this week's work about 'The Ickabog.' All the videos of chapters needed for this week's learning can be found below. Make sure you scroll down to find the chapters you need! 

The Ickabog Week 3.odp

Chapter 10...

Chapter 9...

Chapters 7 & 8...

I hope you all have a great week full of learning and fun...

All maths resources for measurement this week can be found in the file list below: 

 Measurement PowerPoint.odpDownload
 Maths Activities Grid - Measurement.docxDownload
 Colour the temperature.docxDownload
 How would you measure game PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Measurement Problems.docxDownload
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Spelling resources can be found below. Remember to check which group you are in to know which resources you need to download:

 8.6.20 - Spellings.docxDownload
 Homphones and Near Homophones PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Homophones Word Search.pdfDownload
 Break and make ie words.pdfDownload
 Silent Letters PowerPoint.pptDownload
 ea words matching cards.pdfDownload
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English work this week carries on from last week. Download the PowerPoint by clicking on the link below. This tells you when to listen to the videos and when to carry out different tasks. I hope you are enjoying the new story as much as I am!

The Ickabog Week 2.odp 

Chapters 3 & 4...

Chapters 5 & 6...


Hello Rabbits Class,

I can't believe tomorrow is the start of term 6, your final term as a year 2! I hope you all enjoyed the half term break, especially as the weather was so beautiful.

I have planned lots to keep you busy this week. Make sure you read the overview document to find out what you need to do for each subject. All resources are uploaded, you may just need to scroll down a little bit. 

Our whole school topic this term is 'Our Garden' and I have uploaded the grid for you to work through over the next few weeks. Remember, these are just some ideas, you can be as creative as you like! 

I know this isn't the usual summer term we were all expecting, but hopefully you are all still being really good for your parents and enjoying time with your families. 

I look forward to seeing you again soon on zoom (details will be emailed to parents this week.) Have a wonderful week!

Miss Price 

Maths activity grid, PowerPoint and resources can be found in the file list below:

 Maths Activities Grid - Weight.docxDownload
 Draw Arrows.docxDownload
 Ordering Weight.docxDownload
 Weight and Mass Word Problems.docxDownload
 Weight and Mass Powerpoint.odpDownload
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Spelling resources - remember to check which group you are! 

 1.6.20 - Spellings.docxDownload
 Find and write the ay words.docxDownload
 Homophones powerpoint.pptDownload
 Spot the ou words.pdfDownload
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English work this week is all detailed on the PowerPoint. Click the link below to access this. Remember, only listen to the videos of the story when it tells you to!

The Ickabog - English Work WB 1.6.20.odp

Chapter 1...

Chapter 2...

Wishing all of Rabbits Class a safe, happy and enjoyable half term...


Your challenge this week, as discussed on our zoom call, is to create something out of anything which would usually be thrown away or recycled, e.g. cereal boxes, milk cartons, kitchen roll tubes. Use your imaginations and be as creative as you can. You have until next Thursday (21st May) to create your model. You can then show everyone your creation during our next zoom call, which will be at 2pm on Thursday this week. I would also love some photos to put on the website for everyone to see. 

Happy making! 

Find below a grid of maths activities, powerpoint and all resources needed for maths tasks this week...

 Capacity powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Activities Grid.docxDownload
 Capacity word problems.docxDownload
 Colour in capacity.docxDownload
 Measuring jugs worksheet.docxDownload
 Arithmetic questions.pdfDownload
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Wonderful VE Day celebrations! 

If you are running out of things to read at home, or would like a variety of text types, please sign up to Oxford Owl for free ebooks. Follow the link below to sign up and access on-screen reading books linked to book bands used at school. 


Hello Rabbits,

I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend. How were your VE Day celebrations on Friday? I'd love to see some photos! I went on a long bike ride (21km!) and  had a lovely BBQ in the garden. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a letter back so far. I have loved opening them up and reading all about what you have been up to. If you haven't sent me a reply yet, you still can! Please address letters to me, posting them to the school address. 

It was great to see so many of you at our Zoom session on Thursday. I hope to see you again next week. I will send out all of the details to your parents nearer the time. 

Miss Baker has helped to plan some of your home learning this week. There is lots to keep you busy! 

I hope you are all still safe and well at home with your families. I miss you all so much, but I am surprised at how quickly the weeks seem to be going by. 

Keep being good and find happiness in each day! 

Miss Price 

Find below a grid of maths activities and resources needed for week beginning 11.5.20

 Maths Activities for Length and Height.docxDownload
 Length and height 4 operations worksheet.docxDownload
 Measurement scavenger hunt.docxDownload
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Rabbits children working hard and enjoying themselves...

Find below the maths resources and activities needed for week beginning 4.5.20

 Maths Tasks for VE Day and Party Planning.docxDownload
 Aircraft Pictogram.docxDownload
 Carrot Cookies.docxDownload
 Food Rationing during World War 2.docxDownload
 Mystery of the party bags maths tasks.pdfDownload
 Today's Number.docxDownload
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I am so proud of you all Rabbits! Look at all of this amazing learning...


Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the first week back to your home learning and made a good start on your seaside projects. Have you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the sunshine? Unfortunately, the week ahead looks a bit cloudier. I'm really missing you all and hope that you are well. Please keep sending me lots of photos, I love seeing what you are up to and all of your hard work! 

Remember to scroll down the page and find all the information and activities you will need for the coming week. The Seaside Topic Grid is for the whole term, so try to choose some new tasks from there this week. You should also receive some post very soon - keep an eye out! I'd love some post back, could you write me a letter?

Keep smiling Rabbits, 

Miss Price 

Time for the final chapter! Sit back and enjoy story time with Miss Price...

Welcome back from Miss Price...

The Topic Grid below outlines many tasks which children can choose from and complete over the course of term 5. Try to encourage children to choose a couple of tasks per week (from across the areas of learning) and work on these alone, with a sibling, or with a family member. Happy learning! 

More fantastic photos of fun and learning at home... 

Wishing a very Happy Easter to everyone in Rabbits Class and all of your families.


Thank you for working so hard over the past two weeks. I have loved seeing all of your home learning. Please take some time away from school work over the next two weeks and enjoy the Easter break. I know it is a little different to usual, but use the time to enjoy the company of your family, relax and maybe even try something new! Take care, be kind and be safe. Happy Easter! 

Miss Price 

Here are a few ideas to try at home over the next two weeks, if you would like to. If you think of any other Easter activities, keep a note of them and share them with me after the holidays. Have fun! 

Please find some activities for Holy Week below: 

Holy Week Activities.docx

3.4.20 - Happy Friday and nearly the Easter Holidays! I hope you have all had another good week full of love, learning and laughter. Try to squeeze in your spelling test today and check back later for another story time with Miss Price! 

Miss Price's Group Mrs Ellery's Group Mrs Druce's Group























A message from Miss Price...

All work/activities and resources are now available for the week beginning 30.3.20 - you may need to scroll down to find them. I won't remove previous resources from the page in case these are still useful. Have a peaceful and restful weekend - Miss Price :)  

Fantastic home learning so far, keep the photos coming...

27.3.20 - Good morning Rabbits! I hope you are all still smiling and enjoying the sunshine. Don't forget your weekly spelling test! At some point today, ask a parent or sibling to test you on your spellings from this week: 


Miss Price's Group Mrs Ellery's Group Mrs Druce's Group























I have put together a sheet of useful websites and online resources which you can access for free at home. Please use as many of these as you would like on a regular basis. 

Spellings - set Friday 27th March

Spellings - 27.3.20.docx

Dear Rabbits Class (and all your families),


This page is where you will find all of your home learning for the next few weeks. I will upload work on a Friday, ready for the following week. Please try your best to complete as many of the tasks as possible. I understand that every family will work differently and have different ways to support your children during this time. I have tried to ensure some tasks can be accessed by children independently, whilst others may require some adult support. 


Please try not to race through all the activities and textbooks in your folders straight away, as this will leave you with nothing to do! If you have completed the week's learning tasks, you can always:

-read a book

-practise your times tables

-draw or paint a picture

-build something from recycling or lego/bricks

-write to a friend or family member (letter or email)

-practise your typing skills (if you have access to a laptop or computer)

-make your own shop and label with prices, sell items to family members 

-watch and join in with a super movers activity

-carry out some mindfulness, try teaching one of our regular activities to your family


I really hope everyone remains safe, happy and healthy during this uncertain time. I will very much miss seeing all of your faces in school each day and hope we will all be together again soon!


If you have any questions or would like to share any aspect of home learning with me (I would love to see what your children are getting up to), then please contact me via email:

I will be responding to emails on Mondays and Thursdays between 9am and 3.15pm.


Many thanks,


Miss Price 

World Book Day 2020 - can you guess the adjectives we are dressed up as? 

On Shrove Tuesday, we walked to Hendred House for the traditional penny and a bun. Thank you from Rabbits Class, delicious! 

We had a fantastic time celebrating ‘India Day!’ We looked at clothes and jewellery, created artwork, tasted food and learnt a dance. What a busy day!

Partner balances in gymnastics...

We took part in the water challenge as part of our CAFOD harvest day. Unfortunately, some children in other countries cannot go to school because they need to collect and carry water every day. We carried two buckets around the playground for 15 minutes and were already starting to feel tired! 

We all enjoyed our walk around the village and learnt lots. We have been comparing London landmarks to places in East Hendred. Do you know how old Hendred House is? 

After an eventful two weeks, we finally tracked down Naughty Bus! We are letting him stay in our classroom, but we are keeping an extra eye on him at all times! 

Building 2-digit numbers with a range of resources. We have been learning how to recognise and partition into tens and ones. 

Welcome to the new school year 2019/2020 in Rabbits Class...

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the new school year. I hope you all had an enjoyable summer. I’m looking forward to working with your children this year! Just a few reminders for the year ahead:

PE Kits

PE Kits, including trainers, should be brought into school on a Monday and remain in school for the entire week. Our PE days are on a Monday and Thursday, although these are subject to change. Some sessions will take place outdoors, so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing when the weather gets cooler. If your child has earrings, please remove them for PE days or provide tape for them to be covered.


Reading books will be changed weekly, each Monday – please tell your child to place them in the blue box when they arrive at school. Children will be given 2 books to read throughout the week, if they finish reading these, encourage them to read books you have at home or take them to the library. Please also encourage your child to read regularly at home (3-4 times weekly) and note in their reading journal that you have heard them read and when the book is finished (it will not be changed if this is not noted). In year 2, as well as focusing on decoding the text, children are expected to be able to answer a range of comprehension questions, using the skills of retrieval, inference and prediction.

At school this year, we are beginning a reading challenge where children can earn different rewards when they have read a certain number of times at home. Please ensure children have their books and journal in school every day as they may be heard throughout the week by staff or volunteers. Additionally, children will have a weekly visit to the school library and will be bringing home a book of their choice to share with you throughout the week.


Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Thursday to allow time for marking before the next piece is set. Any homework received after a Thursday may not be marked. Children in year 2 are required to learn their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables, both multiplication and division facts. Any support for this at home would be greatly appreciated.


Weekly spellings will be sent home on a Friday and tested the following week. Please could Spelling books be brought into school every day. Spellings will either follow a particular rule, or will be from the age-appropriate curriculum word lists.


Our topic this term is ‘Let’s Explore London.’ The children are already engaged with our class story ‘Naughty Bus’ and are excited for the term ahead. For more information about the topic and other subjects, please see the topic web on the school website.

Finally, if you have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact me by speaking to me after school or booking an appointment through the office.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Jessica Price