Hedgehogs 2018

Hedgehogs' new topic, Dragons, is proving to be a roaring success!!  The children are learning about the legend of St George and the Dragon and have done some fantastic writing and research homework.  We are also learning about flowers, fruits and seeds and have planted, identified and sketched flowers. We are continuing to focus on improving our writing and also learning our times tables (particularly the 3, 4 and 8 times tables).  Let's continue to enjoy our learning and have the best term yet!

Hedgehogs Class played against each other in an intra-school basket ball match.  It was a really competitive event and The Destroyers were the worthy winners!

Hedgehogs went to Stockham School, to take part in a singing festival, and enjoyed singing songs from the Greatest Showman.

Have you spotted the beautiful hanging baskets around school?  Hedgehogs class enjoyed planting the baskets and are looking after them too!

We searched for wild flowers and weeds around the school.  Very enjoyable!

Strawberries and art!! 

The Hedgehog Wimbledon Wednesday Champions!!

Term 5 is well underway and the Hedgehogs are enjoying their new topic, The Swinging Sixties. We are reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes,  and  the children  have been inspired to do some fabulous creative writing. We are striving to take a pride in all that we do this term - reflected in the knowledge we have learned, the work in our books and the marks we achieve in our weekly assessments. Also, to be proud of the way we treat others and how we respect and look after our classroom environment and our learning equipment.  

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

The science topic for this term is Forces and the photos show us having a Tug of War to investigate the force of pulling and the effects of friction.

The children presented their research, about a famous person from the sixties, to the class.

Hedgehogs worked in groups to create Easter Gardens. They were very creative and the gardens looked beautiful.

The children really loved observing the chicks, hatched in school, and all the children enjoyed handling them very carefully.

Some children received pen licenses from Mrs Ellery.  We are encouraging them to be proud of their handwriting. 

Term 4 has begun with lots of exciting learning, celebrations and experiences.  Already, Hedgehogs  have begun to investigate volcanoes,  rapped with Miss Jillian, the American dance teacher, and celebrated Dahlicious, World Book Day!  We look forward to another term where we can do our best and be our best!

Constructing Volcanoes!

This term we have worked on our Big Science Projects.  We have planned, predicted, gathered resources, tried to test our theories fairly and gathered results.  We finally drew conclusions from our results! 

World Book Day was a brilliant success, despite the snow!  Fantastic Mr Fox was the chosen book theme for Hedgehogs Class.  We enjoyed learning about the characters in the book, and the life and writing routines of Roald Dahl, and all day long we only answered to our character's names!  Can you spot some of your favourite characters in our line-up?

We thought about what Lent means and concluded that it is a time of change when we get ready for Easter. We compared Lent to Spring, which is also a time of new life and growth. The children took a walk around the school grounds finding signs of new life and discussing how they made them feel.


Hedgehogs got their hands dirty! We wanted to investigate how soil is formed and make a mini compost bin of our own. We dug into the ground to discover what's under the surface and found...soil, roots, stones and a lot of WORMS!!  We hope to use the compost to nourish the plants in our Peace Garden.


The Earth is divided into three layers: the crust, the mantle and the core.  The mantle and the core are further divided into an inner and outer layer. The Hedgehogs made models to illustrate the layers using modelling clay. The children really enjoyed the practical activity and effectively learned about the structure under our feet!

Miss Jillian from the American Dance School visited St Amand's to work with the children on their dance moves. Hedgehogs spent only one hour creating a polished performance, which they demonstrated to the other children in KS2. 

Welcome back to the beginning of a brand new year, filled with exciting opportunities and potential.  We can't wait to get started......


Dear Parents,

We are really pleased to welcome Mrs George back to school and she will be teaching the Hedgehogs on Monday and Tuesday.  This term, the children are excited to learn about the Tudor Period in history and Rocks and Soils in science.  We have quite a collection of rocks in the classroom now – some very beautiful specimens have been brought in from home.

The children will continue to have violin lessons on a Friday afternoon with Mr Levy, so please don’t forget your instruments and keep practising at home!

Games takes place on a Wednesday and the children are focusing on hockey skills; gym is on Friday.  If possible, please bring in a mouth guard for hockey.   PE kits should be in school all week and ear rings should not be worn on these days.  Please ensure that your child brings a labelled water bottle to school each day.

The children are required to read at different times of the week so they must have their reading books and records in their bags each day.  Homework is set on a Friday and completed work handed in on a Thursday.  

Hedgehogs also have spellings to learn each week and will be tested on their spelling words on Friday.  Home learning is hugely important and helps your child become a confident, independent learner.  Please remind them to complete the set tasks each week, and even better, give them a helping hand!! 

We are looking forward to another great term ahead!

Mrs Loughlin and Mrs George 


Hedgehogs are learning to play the violin and are making good progress.  The photograph shows them plucking the strings and learning the notes!

The children are investigating rocks around the school. We found a surprising variety of specimens and our rock collection is increasing daily!  We have studied which rock types are natural or  man-made and found out that there are three main categories - Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks and Metamorphic Rocks.

The drama clip shows us forming Igneous rock on the surface of the earth, as the magma explodes out and gradually cools and hardens into rock.


In RE, the children have read the Old Testament story of Samuel and Eli (1 Samuel 3:1-19) and acted out the story, showing how Samuel listened and responded to God..

The Hedgehogs are studying about the Tudors finding out many interesting facts about the monarchs, the differences between rich and poor people, their style of dress and the games and music of the time.  Here the children are playing a traditional game, Oranges and Lemons, which makes references to Tudor times. 

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Hedgehogs have started to learn about the features of a newspaper. They made up rhymes to help them to remember the main ideas.

Hedgehogs loved Egyptian Day which was a fitting end to an interesting and enjoyable topic.  In the pictures you can see the children making Egyptian food and wearing headdresses and jewellery that they made during the day.

The children really enjoyed learning how to become Personal Trainers in Science and by the end of the topic were able to give advice on how to stay fit and healthy by choosing the right type of foods to eat, the importance of exercising and how to warm up and cool down.  In these photographs the children are working out their biceps and triceps and counting how many squats they can do.  

Hedgehogs had great fun with Emma, the Mindfulness instructor that visited our school. What a flexible lot you all are!!

Hedgehogs enjoyed Brighten up the Harvest and learned a poem, I Give You Thanks for our Harvest Assembly.   

Welcome to the beginning of a new year and the start of a great term in Hedgehogs Class.  We can't wait to get our teeth into our new topics, which include the Ancient Egyptians in History, the Creation in RE and  Keeping Healthy in Science. Hedgehogs have been learning new routines as they settle into KS2. They are doing brilliantly!!


We thought about some classroom rules to keep everyone happy, safe and focused on their learning. We think it is a good idea for parents to know the high expectations that have been agreed by the Hedgehogs pupils.


Hedgehogs enjoyed working together on an obstacle course, building up friendships and trust. They managed to guide each other around a simple course, wearing a blindfold. Great job, Hedgehogs! 



Follow our plans for the next half term. If you do have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s learning, feel welcome to come into school for a chat. Please make an appointment via the school office to see us at the end of the school day.