Welcome to the Owls Class!

Year One Blog


Last week we planted sunflower seeds. First we put soil in the pot and then we put seeds in them. We have to water them every day and they need sunshine to help them to grow.



It has been an amazing term in Owls Class. Owls Class went on a school trip to the farm and we got to see a baby lamb being born! I got to hold the lambs and they felt fluffy. I was a bit scared but it was a brilliant day at the farm!



After the holidays we got 10 eggs in Owls Class. On the Wednesday one chick hatched and then they all started to hatch. They were so fluffy and cute! They girls were brown and the boys were yellow. We had to care for them by giving them water and food. After a few days the feathers started to grow on their wings. It was so much fun having them in our class.



We have been learning all about New Life. Last week we did our Collective Worship all about New Life. Jesus died on the cross and then three days later he came alive again. Both Mary’s were surprised. We think about Jesus when we see all the new life around us like chicks, lambs and flowers.


Jimmy Dean

I love playing with lego and dinosaurs the best. I like building dinosaurs from the lego and going to explore the minibeast hut.



I love playing on the tractor and with my dinosaurs.


Reception Blog


I like writing the best. I have enjoyed writing about the chicks coming to see us. I also loved seeing the lambs being born.



I like doing Maths work like adding and taking away using the number blocks and numicon and the dice. I know all my numbers all the way to 21.



I really liked seeing the baby lambs being born. I really liked walking there and I liked holding the lamb. It felt very heavy.



I like Maths. I liked adding the spots on the ladybirds. I also loved seeing the lambs being born.



I love learning! I like playing lego and I love writing. I like writing about how to be strong and healthy.



I love Maths. I like adding all the way up to 100. I also like taking away especially using flower petals to help me. I love looking for birds outside and learning about them.



I loved seeing the baby lamb being born. It was a fun trip to the farm and I loved holding the lamb the best.



I love playing the best but I’m also really good at writing. I liked writing about the Little Red Hen. It was a really long story though.



I like playing and doing Maths. I am good at adding and taking away and also counting in tens and twos. I can count up in twos all the way to twenty.



I like doing reading and homework. I am getting so good at reading. I am super at Maths and I loved being the Evil Pea in assembly.



I like reading in the reading corner and playing outside. I love playing with the scooters and feeling the aquabeads.



I like to do writing and learning and I love making stuff. I am a superhero writer and I like painting to make pictures. I like playing with people who are nice to me.


Jamie Rae

I love reading and writing and making things and counting. I really like doing phonics. My favourite sound is ‘ch’.



 I loved seeing the chicks and I like playing and making things in the messy area. I love making things out of play dough.



I like playing with play dough and doing phonics. My favourite sound is ‘s’ because it is round and easy to draw. My favourite story is about lambs.



I like the ‘Chicken Licken’ story we’ve been learning in storytelling. It was funny when the acorn fell on her head. I like learning with Mrs McCarthy.



I love all the stories we have been learning this year especially ‘Chicken Licken’ because it was funny. I also like playing with the aqua beads because they feel sticky.



I love the aqua beads and how they feel. Having lunch is my favourite because I get to eat and play with my friends.



I love reading and writing the best! My favourite story is every story ever written and I like writing stories too. I loved writing the story of ‘Chicken Licken’.



I like going outside and playing with my friends. I like reading stories and my favourite story is ‘The Little Red Hen’. I like to tell the story to my friends.



I like painting  pictures of my mummy and daddy. I love reading stories in the reading area with my friends. My favourite story is ‘Chicken Licken’ because it has Goosey Loosey, Foxy Loxy and Ducky Lucky. They are funny.

This term our topic is NEW LIFE

Fun at the Farm.....today new life was born!