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We were very busy during the first term.

Below are just some of the topics we have been learning and enjoying.




Red Kites Collective Worship -

We honour Mary during the month of October

Hot-Seating with Kroll

- a character from our story!

Forest School!

We enjoyed our trip to Stonehenge where we discovered many facts about the stones and the Stone Age.

  1. Our clay Stonehenge models

A great start to the year with some maths problem-solving!

The ‘Make Me Smile’ project helps us with our feelings and emotions. Year 6 will deliver training and  ‘buddy up’ with year 3 and support them this year. 

Red Kites well-being ambassadors as part of the Make me Smile project -

helping others to deal with any worries they might have.

Earth and Beyond!

The planets, tracking shadows and Lunar moon phases.

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Mini Vinnies’ cake sale and fund raising