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St Amand's Catholic Primary School

Catholic Social Teaching

Lent 2024.

We are supporting the fabulous Mary's Meals UK ( once again by way of our sponsored walk fundraising event on 27 March 2024.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe, whose family founded Mary's Meals and he sent words of encouragement to us all. Here is the famous shed that fed a million (now over 2 million) children each year.

Our Oracy for Advocacy group visited the Houses of Parliament to give their speeches-'The quality of leadership we would like to see today'- to Laura Farris, MP for Newbury, and David Johnston, MP for Wantage. This was part of the Building the Kingdom Programme. In preparation for this, children gave presentations to peers in their own school and peers in other Catholic schools on a range of CST principles.

Lent 2023

Human Dignity, Option for the Poor, Peace


Joseph's (ex pupil) visit to tell children about his visit to Mercy For Life: Uganda. Squirrels class had a sleepover in the hall to raise funds for this wonderful charity in Kampala. They raised a wonderful £556. Photos below and on FaceBook.

Red Kites 'Keep Active Challenge' raised £380 for Aid to the Church in Need.

Owls raised £547 for Mary's Meals.

Rabbits raised £325 for CAFOD

Hedgehogs raised £287 for Talitha Kum.


A letter from Fausta
Dear brethren 
On behalf of Mercy for life Africa, we are so grateful for the love and support 
This contribution will go direct to children's food

Please see our Facebook Page for many photos and more information about lent fundraising and the range of of our CST at St Amand's -link top right

This Lent, each class has chosen their own charity to support and are planning exciting fundraising activities. Squirrels have persuaded Mrs Smart and Mrs Ellery to allow a fundraising sleepover in the hall again!

LENT 2023

We give children as much involvement as possible in deciding which charity they would like to sponsor during Lent, Last year KS1 and KS2 chose two charities. This year each class have chosen their own, based on their knowledge and preference and topics.  Each class becomes involved in planning how they would like to fundraise and this is proving very popular and increases engagement and the amount raised, especially when it involves a class sleepover in the hall!

This year Red Kites have decided to raise money for Aid to the Church in Need and also donate 40 items during Lent for a homeless charity. 

Squirrels are sponsoring Mercy for Life Africa (in Uganda) because an ex-pupil and brother to a child in Squirrels class, visited recently with a group of young people. He came to talk to children before his trip and told them about the charity and will come back to tell children about his trip.

Hedgehogs have chosen Talitha Kum, a charity involved in tackling human trafficking and founded and run by nuns. This links with one of our House Saints: St Josephine Bakhita.

Rabbits have a fun Fairtrade scavenger hunt and activities to raise money for CAFOD: this links with their Food and Farming topic.

Owls are fundraising for a favourite charity of St Amand's, Mary's Meals and this Lent the campaign is Raise Some Dough. This links with their Food and Farming topic.


I wonder if we'll beat last years total. 

Dear Mrs Ellery

It was an absolute delight to visit St Amand's today – the children were delightful and you have a fantastic staff team.

Mission Statement homework: sharing with parents what it means to them.

Brighten Up the Harvest: CAFOD October 2022.

Solidarity and Option for the Poor

Children dressed in brightly coloured clothes, paid a fine and baked and decorated brightly coloured cakes for our cake sale.

Children donated tins and packets for the Wantage and Didcot food banks.

Mrs Nicoll and the ECO club arranged for children to press apples and sell bottles of apple juice at the market. Of course we all tasted the delicious apple juice.

The House Captains sold the fresh produce at our Harvest Market at the end of the day.

110 children raised £431 for CAFOD.


Parents were invited to our Harvest Service. Each class sang, acted out the Gospel, recited a poem or led us in prayer.


Lent 2022

Human  Dignity and Preferential Option for the Poor


During Lent 22, Key Stage 2 decided to fundraise for the Cardinal Hume Centre in London. They heard from Stephen, the Schools' link, who told us all about their mission and presented some interesting facts about homelessness and the young. Children were given the freedom to choose exciting ways in which to fundraise asking family members to sponsor them for these activities.

Red Kites chose a sponsored outdoor camp activity day, in keeping with our Outdoor learning theme. They had a competition to erect a tent, light fires and cook their lunch on the fire!

Squirrels chose a sponsored 'sleep out/sleep over' in school one Friday evening and a pyjama day.

Hedgehogs held a sponsored Fun Keep Fit morning. They raised a fabulous £1547


The Cardinal Hume Centre supports families and young people from the ages of 16-25, facing poverty and homelessness by helping them to thrive.

Schools fundraising | Cardinal Hume Centre                            

Please look back on our St Amand's Catholic Primary School Facebook page for more photographs and information.

Key Stage 1 and Reception

Rabbits and Owls classes fundraised to send a disabled child to Lourdes with the HCPT, and  chosen a 'Move-athon'.

They had a visit from Andy, the HCPT Schools' Link Advisor. They raised £1211

A huge thank you to children, staff, families and friends and St Mary's Parish. 

            Please look back on our St Amand's Catholic Primary School Facebook page for more photographs and information.



For the second year, we collected backpacks for Mary's Meals which were sent to Africa.

St Amand's supports Mary's Meals

We raised over £7000 over two years to sponsor The Redeemed Elementary School in Liberia. This enabled every child to have a cooked meal at school, every day for two years.

Sponsorship report for Redeemed Elementary and High

Please see our Facebook page for more information,

 Some Previpus Charitable work

Our Mini-Vinnies raised money during Advent to buy homeless packs for people in the Oxford area.

In Lent the whole school community contributed 52 back packs for Mary's Meals- a charity who provides one good meal to some of the world's poorest children every day they attend school. The back packs enabled these children to go to school with clean clothes, sandals and stationery.

The Yr 5 MiniVinnies chose to support the Catholic Charity The Apostleship of the Sea for their Christmas fund-raiser. This charity supports sea-farers and sailors by visiting them on board their ships, organising pastoral and welfare care for them when they are in port and providing friendship and practical help where needed.