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Children starting in the Reception Class in September


The term before your child starts school

Children who will join the Reception class (Owls) in September are invited to spend one morning at the school in July. During the morning, parents are invited to the stay and play session with their child, followed by a welcome meeting with the headteacher. Parents will be advised of the dates by letter at the end of May/beginning of June.  In the event of the dates arranged proving inconvenient, it may be possible to re-schedule visits by contacting the office.


Induction arrangements vary depending on the number of children starting school in September.  The children usually have couple of half days, stopping for lunch on the second day before beginning full time. Parents will be advised of the arrangements by letter at the end of May/beginning of June. 

Each parent will be offered a 15 minute meeting with the class teacher in the first month. This gives the teacher an opportunity to build a picture of your child  and for you to share information. In addition it provides time for parents to ask questions.


We welcome children who wish to join us throughout the year and will be happy to show you our school. Please call the office on 01235 833342 to arrange a visit.