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St Amand's Catholic Primary School

The Green Democrats - representatives were chosen from other classes to join the already selected year six members.

The Green Democrats organised and ran a fantastic 'non-electricity' morning. They planned outdoor and indoor activities for all classes, which involved no electricity at all. Fun was had by all and it made everyone realise (children and staff) that we do not always need screens and lights to learn and have fun! 

     Meet our winning party, The Green Democrats: elected October 2022.

In 2022, St Amand's set up its very first School Parliament. Children in year 6 learnt about how parliament works and thought about issues which affect the school. They had a virtual guided tour of The Houses of Parliament and had the chance to ask questions to a member of the Education Department, who worked there. The children worked together to divide themselves up into three parties: The House of Ideas, The Green Democrats and The Playground Enjoyment Group. After writing manifestos and creating video and poster campaigns, each party gave a speech to the rest of the school. Following this, an election took place and The Green Democrats were voted into power. 


The Green Democrats are hoping to bring about change in school this year. They spoke about stewardship and how their understanding of Laudato Si gave them a basis for their party. The children would like to encourage more recycling, introduce electricity-free days throughout the year and plan to teach their peers about democracy and a fair school for everyone. We look forward to seeing the changes in action!