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Dear year 5,

I am so sorry that we could not meet on Zoom last week.  The internet has not been working for over a week now and we still do not know when it will be fixed. I hope you can join me on Wednesday 15th July (11am-1pm) for a picnic.  I can't wait to see you all and catch up with you!  Thanks again to Mrs Smart for sharing her slides this week whilst I work on projects for year six.  We are very close to finishing for the summer and also very busy planning and preparing for the next academic year.  I am looking forward to teaching you all again in September and in the classroom!

Best wishes

Mrs Baker


This Week's Work for the Yr5

This week's slides for year 5 from Mrs Smart

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 2 Tuesday 7th July.pptxDownload
 3 Wednesday 8th July.pptxDownload
 4 Thursday 9th July.pptxDownload
 5 Friday 10th July.pptxDownload
 The Missing Emojis SPAG Problem Solving Mystery Game.pdfDownload
 Who Stole The Emojis Colour SPAG Problem Solving Mystery Game.pdfDownload
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year 6 completed sections to create this amazing image of a red kite!

Don't forget this week's Zoom for Red Kites year 5 - 1.30pm on Wednesday.

Share some ideas from your list 'one hundred things to be thankful for.'

Have you learned any sign language?

Super facts about ladybirds!

Some beautiful watercolours of owls for all the new children joining us in September

Comparing scripture - Acts 2:1-4 and John 20:19-23

Learning about the different parts of a flower.

Printing Fun!

WB: 15-6-20

 1-letter-to-red-kites-WB 15-6-20.docxDownload
 2-Timetable WB 15-6-20.docxDownload
 Day 1 - Monday.pptxDownload
 Day 2 - Tues.pptxDownload
 Day 3 - Wednesday.pptxDownload
 Day 4 - Thursday.pptxDownload
 Day 5 - Friday.pptxDownload
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Some photos from year 5!

Year six are beginning to identify parts of a flower in some detail!

WB: 8-6-20 Revised slides with new morning challenges!

 1-letter-to-red-kites-WB 8-6-20.docxDownload
 2-Timetable WB 8-6-20.docxDownload
 Day 1 Monday.pptxDownload
 Day 2 Tuesday.pptxDownload
 Day 3 Wednesday.pptxDownload
 Day 4 Thursday.pptxDownload
 Day 5 Friday.pptxDownload
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Symbols for the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Edward's Comical Island Advertisement!

 Edward W - The Resort.pptxDownload
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Edward's poetry and John's cooking!


Cooking competition participants and winners

 entries (1).pptxDownload
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So wonderful to see 'Big Science' investigations. Maths from outdoors including magic squares and algebra. Wonderful sketching and collage too - also working with nature outdoors!

Another great 'Big Science' investigation!

What a terrific trifle!

Great to see you at the Zoom meeting this week!

A Star Wars birthday and some fantastic models!

Thank you for some fantastic photographs of project work and other activities whilst at home!

Great to see another picture today!

Freddie and Katie performed a cool Victorian rap!

Lovely to see your photos!

Classifying triangles and presenting posters to the class.

World Book Day - we dressed as adjectives and wrote a class

story with all of the adjectives!

Science - Forces and Friction. What makes the best brake pad?

Romeo and Juliet Freeze Frames

Forces and gravity. Testing our parachutes.

Close-up drawing.  Pomegranates! We  looked at line, tone, texture and detail.

Year 6 attended I.M.P.S.  (Injury minimisation programme for schools). Interactive fun whilst learning to save lives.

Our visions of heaven 

We Remember

Prayers, Saints and Feasts Freeze-Frames 

Some of our Maya homework project presentations 

First week back and guiding our partner through a blindfold obstacle course. Instructions had to be clear!

Numicom magic square -

All columns, rows and diagonals to add up to the same number.

Topic Launch!

Mayan Headdresses 

Children from Rabbit’s class joined the Red Kites to read their writing to them.

Mayan Drama Day

Our human timeline began with Maya farming in 800BC

and ended with the floss in 2019!

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