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St Amand's Catholic Primary School

Art and Design at St. Amand's

Art is a spiritual encounter exposing the learner to a profound level of communication and expression which transcends the spoken word, it offers the artist and the observer the opportunity to transcend the here and now. Through artistic expression the learner is enabled to comment on profound social issues and spiritual experiences offering a window into God's divine creation. Art, incorporating a wide variety of craft and design embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity.

Art and Design is a key creative part of our whole curriculum at St Amand’s. We aim to support children’s learning of key skills within Art and Design and give them the opportunity to explore, use and apply these skills through a variety of mediums. We hope children are inspired to express themselves creatively using key skills learnt and inspiration from artists, past and present. 

Land and City Scapes

During the Autumn Term in Owls Class, they learnt about the artists Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh and the painting techniques they used to create landscapes and cityscapes. The children used these techniques to create their own landscape paintings.