PE at St Amand's is varied and exciting. We are part of the Vale Sporting Partnership, which allows us to compete in many competitions through the course of a year. Miss Bush from Ignite Sport is our fantastic sports coach and teaches KS2 on Tuesday and both KS1 and KS2 on Thursday.  She leads a weekly Wake and Shake session each Thursday from 8.10 am. Class teachers also teach PE during the week.



Eleven Year Six children have been chosen to be the Primary School Leaders for St Amand's. They have a responsible and important job leading others to be more active during break times.  

They organise games, teach new games, devise new games, motivate others to better personal challenges and lead warm ups during sporting competitions (amongst other things).  Meet the team....

We are fantastic competitors! 

We will enter lots of competitions this year and do so with enthusiasm, fairness, effort, competitiveness and always  with good manners!  We hope to play netball, football, basketball and badminton, cricket and athletics competitively over the forthcoming year.  Please look out for the photos and match reports.  The latest competition was Tag Rugby, played at Grove Rugby Club in November.

Tag Rugby Competition

Term 2 Intra Hockey Competitions


These photographs, taken at playtime, show just how much we move at school and how much fun we have doing it!


Clubs at St Amand's

During Term 2, the Archery club has been shooting at targets.  What a shot!!

Celebrating our achievements outside of school!







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