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St Amand's Catholic Primary School

Physical Education at St. Amand's

PE enables children to unleash their full potential, both spiritual and physical, so that they transcend the limitations of the human body.  PE provides a unique opportunity for students to recognise and appreciate the need for relationships based on trust, interdependence and teamwork.  It promotes the sanctity of life - the appreciation of the beauty, dignity and reverence of the human person made in the image and likeness of God.

We aim to develop the whole child, through P.E. by building character and helping to embed values such as fairness, respect, tolerance, trust, communication and enjoyment. Children are cherished for who they are, as much as for what they achieve, and all achievement in PE is recognised and celebrated.

As a school, we ensure a high quality and age- appropriate PE curriculum. We teach, encourage and allow children to do sport in a safe environment in which to express and communicate ideas, solve problems and overcome challenges.  Our children will experience a wide variety of sports and physical activity.  Pupils will engage in competition, be able to demonstrate a high level of fitness and understand the importance of health and wellbeing by the time they leave us.

We ensure progression and attainment are recorded to enable us to assess each individual and provide them with individual challenges, suitable to their needs. A report to parents, at the end of the year, states their ability in Physical Education. We support the curriculum with the Sports Premium Grant.

How is the PE Curriculum delivered? (Implementation)

We aim to provide two hours of physical activity during lessons per week, and it is our aspiration that the children have up to one hour of physical activity daily over structured, active use of break and lunch times and through active and outdoor lessons and extra-curricular activities.  Each PE lesson contains a skill focus which is later applied to appropriate intra-sport competitive games with all children participating. KS2 children enter a range of inter-school competitions with children of all abilities taking part.  The expectation for all of our PE lessons is for teachers to maximise the time and opportunities for the children to be active and that they learn to perform confidently.  For KS1 and KS2 children, one lesson per week, for either games, gym and dance sessions are led by TA Sports Stars Ltd; the second lesson is class teacher led.

The structure of the long-term plan is devised so that mastery of fundamental movement skills and national curriculum skills is achieved throughout a child’s school career.

Pupils learn how to plan, perform, lead and evaluate, their and others' actions, ideas and performances in a constructive manner during PE lessons and during a PE Leadership week. This equips them to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity and gives them time to be reflective.

We appreciate that now more than ever, keeping active and maintaining good physical and mental health is an important part of every young person’s daily routine and actively promote and encourage that all children have the opportunity to participate in an active club.  We promote opportunities for Gifted and Talented children to develop their abilities, through the promotion of opportunities in the wider community.

Programme for Physical Education

At St Amand’s, we aim to provide two hours of physical education or activity in lesson time, to Key Stage One and Two. The staff have access to the hall and playground, to allow space for this, time in each area is allotted through a time table, agreed by staff. School policies such as safety, behavior and equal opportunities are adhered to within the physical education context.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One:

The children are taught fundamental skills to improve their agility, balance and co-ordination.

  • They engage in games, which allow for competition, team work and new skills to be learned.
  • Children will also learn skills through gymnastics and dance.

 Key Stage Two:

 At Key Stage 2 swimming, outdoor and adventurous activities become part of the curriculum, culminating in a residential experience for Year 6.

  • The children will also continuously learn a broader range of skills, taught through games, gymnastics and dance

How is the PE Curriculum making a difference? (Impact)

By the end of primary school, we hope to have engendered a love of exercise and sport and a positive attitude towards healthy lifestyles. We hope to embed the knowledge of how to maintain this throughout their lives, especially for those children who are less active.

Most children leave us having mastered the basic skills in PE and a confidence to further engage in the subject when they go to secondary school.  

How to help your child?

Please provide the correct clothing and footwear: 

  • Children come into school wearing their PE kit on the day they are doing PE.
  • Children are expected to wear shorts bottoms and a white t-shirt for PE. For outside PE children are allowed to wear tracksuit bottoms and a jumper, if the weather dictates it.
  • Bare feet are essential for working on apparatus or during some lesson such gymnastics and dance.
  • Trainers are expected to be worn for PE outside.
  • Children may be required or recommended to wear other items, depending on the sport. For example, football shoes, shin pads or gum shields may be suggested during football, rugby and hockey.
  • Girls and boys with long hair are expected to tie their hair back during PE.
  • Teachers are expected to set an example when teaching PE, by wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Children are expected to have any studs or watches remived for PE. If the child cannot remove studs, they will be given plasters to tape over earrings to protect their ears.
  • During swimming lessons, Girls and boys must wear a swimming hat. Boys must wear trunks or shorts and girls, a one-piece costume. Goggles can also be worn.



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The Sponsored Walk to Ardington Stones to raise money for Mary's Meals

The KS2 children at St Amand's enjoyed a fabulous day out completing their sponsored walk through the glorious countryside between East Hendred and Ardington.  Our destination was the Ardington Stones where we enjoyed a picnic before heading back to school. The walk was a whopping 6.08 miles and not a single complaint was heard! Well done to everyone for a great day and for raising our target money for Mary's Meals!  Here is a slide show of the day's walk for you to enjoy!