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St Amand's Catholic Primary School


  PE at St Amand's is varied and exciting. We are part of the Vale Sporting Partnership, which allows us to compete in many competitions throughout the course of a year (virtual competitions currently). Miss Bush from Ignite Sport is our fantastic sports coach and teaches KS1 and KS2 on Tuesday and Thursday.

  Class teachers also teach PE during the week. In Term 1, our school focus was dance, which culminated in the fantastic dances (most of which were linked to our history topic about World War Two) that can be viewed on the children's school web pages. This term, our school focus is movement in gymnastics. The children are thoroughly enjoying their gym lessons and learning many new skills.


We are fantastic competitors! 

The children at St Amand's compete against each other, always with the School Games Values in mind! The children are encouraged to play games with....


Determination, Team work, Passion, Self-Belief, Respect and Honesty!




Term 1 - Intra Tag Rugby Competition

On 15th October, Miss Bush supervised St. Amand's KS2 Intra- Rugby Competition. Each KS2 class was divided into either Pink bands, Red bands, Orange bands or non- bands. After a very exciting competition, the Red Band team won. Miss Bush gave special mention to the Squirrels class who played fairly, but with exceptional enthusiasm and passion. Special mention also went to Leon Viveiros, who stood out because of his high work rate!

Term 1-  Intra Cross Country Competition

On 22nd October, the St Amand's KS2 Intra Cross Country competition was held, each class working to score points for their team - Pink, Red, Orange or Non-Bands. The children had a long distance to run - Years 5 and 6 had to run eight times around the football pitch and Years 3 and 4 had to run 6 times around. The children were fantastic, making sure they paced themselves and giving encouragement to each other. The Pink Band team were the overall winners and special mention goes to Red Kites who showed a resilient attitude to complete their challenge. Well done to all!




Celebrating our achievements outside of school!

These photographs show our budding sporting enthusiasts, who pursue their sport outside school and celebrate their achievements with the other children at Celebration Assembly each week. Aren't they fantastic ambassadors for our school also?


We Are An Active School!  - Active Class and Active Monitors!!

Each class has appointed Active Monitors, whose daily job is to collect  the Active Points that their class earns each day. The class can earn points through a variety of ways (see poster) - but the key is that the more active your class is, the more chance you have of winning the Active Class Trophy at the end of the week, presented in Celebration Assembly!


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We are an Active School!

Hedgehogs created some socially distanced games, to share with the other school children. These new games were so good, the Hedgehogs children enjoyed playing them at play time also and some of the other classes have started to play them too!  Fantastic work Hedgehogs!!

We Are An Active School!!

The Sponsored Walk to Ardington Stones to raise money for Mary's Meals

The KS2 children at St Amand's enjoyed a fabulous day out completing their sponsored walk through the glorious countryside between East Hendred and Ardington.  Our destination was the Ardington Stones where we enjoyed a picnic before heading back to school. The walk was a whopping 6.08 miles and not a single complaint was heard! Well done to everyone for a great day and for raising our target money for Mary's Meals!  Here is a slide show of the day's walk for you to enjoy!


These photographs, taken at playtime, show just how much we move at school and how much fun we have doing it!








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